As I have learned more about Recreational Music Making, I have learned that playing piano is about more than just making music or striking some chords.  

There is real value for the body, mind, and spirit in making music, and the piano is a great instrument for RMM!  Karl Bruhn is known as the Father of the Music Making and Wellness movement.  Bruhn said, “Recreational Music Making encompasses enjoyable, accessible and fulfilling group music-based activities that unite people of all ages regardless of their challenges, backgrounds, ethnicity, ability or prior experience. RMM ultimately affords unparalleled creative expression that unites our bodies, minds and spirits.” 
I particularly like that music unites people.  In a time when we are spending time wrapped up in our technological communities, it is a beautiful thing to think of people spending time together for a little time each week healing themselves through the experience of making music.


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