Piano For Pleasure is a non-traditional group piano lesson.  

It is your opportunity to join a group of friends (or strangers) and discover what thousands of people have learned:  That learning and playing piano are good for your body, mind, and spirit!

  • If you wish you could play the piano, used to play, or play a little.
  • If you want to play and create music for your own enjoyment.
  • If you want a stress free musical experience.
  • if you enjoy keyboard, organ and piano music.

The Benefits of becoming a Piano For Pleasure Student The Lesson:

A 45 minute lesson once a week where you have time to relax, learn and enjoy the companionship of others while playing music.  No home practice required.

Life Enhancing Benefits Proven biological, psychological and sociological benefits.  These benefits include: friendship, improved confidence, reduced stress, improved mood, and enhanced physical wellness.  Studies continue to show that children who study music perform better in areas of math and science in school and adults enjoy an improved quality of life and improved health.

Play for fun And Better Health!


If you have dreamed of making music at the piano, this class is for you! Piano for Pleasure uses a program which creates a stress-free, enjoyable experience for the beginning adult student.  Come learn to read music, play by chords and create music with other hobbyists.  Join the growing number of adults across the country learning to play piano using this fun and innovative program.  Morning, noon and evening classes available.


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