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Using Music as a Wellness Program
These formats allow you to host an energetic, fresh, and creative program for employees or other groups.  The workshop introduces the wellness benefits of not only playing the piano, but of music itself.  Learn the power that music has on our health and how to incorporate more music into your life.  Learn how to listen, when to listen and what to listen too for maximum benefit.
As reported by CNN, The New York Times and, making and listening to music has proven health and wellness benefits.  We offer an interactive program whereas participants are actually playing keyboards.  Regardless of age, musical background or skill, partcipants will leave this workshop excited and having played four songs, guaranteed!  This workshop gives the participant the why, what and how to maximize music and receive the maximum benefits!Recreational Music Making (RMM)
Recreational Music Making is a new and exciting wellness program that is built around teaching piano in a fun and easy way–and without the stress.  As a long time piano instructor, I am astonished as to not only the simplicity of learning piano (using RMM), but also the amazing wellness benefits.  Further after becoming certified (in RMM) a year ago and seriously field testing this program, I can tell you it is the real deal.
Benefits of RMM
Playing the piano is one of the few activities which uses the whole brain.  There has also been strong research over the years as to the benefits of music and piano playing.  Now with this program, anyone can learn to play (easily) and enjoy the proven health benefits that come with it.  RMM is the one of the fastest growing wellness programs in the country because it gets results!  As such, and I know it’s “outside the box,” but music wellness will greatly benefit your employees that you value so much.  The benefit comes from giving them a fresh, creative and real approach to stress reduction and improved overall well-being.

Proven benefits include:

  • Improved mental acuity
  • Improved mood states
  • Reduced stress on the DNA level.

I would love to come visit you to discuss RMM…and even perhaps give a short demonstration or provide a “Lunch and Learn” program so you and your colleagues can see for yourself.  I’ll even bring the keyboards!


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